It’s his mantra—Joe Biden had a 40-year political career of making bad decisions and as president it continues. By reversing every good thing President Trump did for America, he’s turned not only our country, but the entire world, upside down. People are gushing over the Mexico border — we have no idea who they are or what their intent.

With his leadership, racism is on the rise in this country as well as around the world. He’s turned the Middle East into a hotbed of terror with antisemitism on the rise. Did we not learn from the millions of Jewish people killed during the Holocaust?

He’s promoting products made only by the Chinese (car batteries/solar panels) with no plan to set up manufacturing in the U.S. Whether you liked his personality or not, Donald Trump was a leader in promoting U.S. manufacturing — a prime example being the COVID vaccine. He proved that we could do it quickly, in real-time and it could work with other industries.

Without replacement fuels, Biden’s shutting down our energy sources. I believe the unrealistic goal of no carbon emissions will raise gas prices to match the cost of solar energy costing more to heat our homes and drive our cars. But how does this help the poor? Can we subsidize everything? There’s not enough land on the planet to provide energy for large cities during extreme weather (California heat/Texas cold).

In Biden’s America, we’re going back to the days of racism — now pitting blacks against whites using critical race theory — the real “big lie.” Please, everyone, we are all Americans. The spirit of America is a country inclusive to everyone, yet this administration seems set on separating us by whatever means possible for political gain. We are to “love our neighbor as ourselves” — it’s up to each of us to take the lead and make it happen. In 2022, promote candidates who love our country and serve the needs of their “employers,” with character and integrity.



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