They say we have some kind of socialist agenda, but why is it the people that own the properties, run the businesses, take over the parent-teacher organizations, sit on all the boards, are always the same people? It’s about control — who has it, and how they prevent others from having any of it. Can you and I work hard, get a loan, buy up properties and rent them out? Maybe — if our credit is good, we don’t have a lot of debt, if we’ve never screwed up, or loved someone who has. If we’ve never struggled.

What we’re actually talking about — these organizations, boards, and businesses — circle back to one concept, there are people with access to networks of people who already have everything. They have a friend at the bank, they have a dad who gives them a starter loan, they don’t start with college debt they won’t pay off until they’re 40. Having access to money and networks (shhhh  ... privilege) literally makes you no more skilled at running anything if you get the opportunity off the backs of family wealth.

It’s not about merit. It’s not about work put in. It’s about starting with a leg up on everyone else. Everyone deserves to have a say in where and how they live. This town has a sinking budget and neither side has done a good-enough job at preventing its decline. Is it any one person’s fault? No. But this local economy certainly takes care of some and leaves out a lot of others. A ton of others. Situations and problems that affect the poorest of us don’t receive enough support to get folks on their feet, and working families don’t make enough to support themselves, their healthcare, their debt, their homes. Don’t put the same people in power that have always been in power. It hasn’t done the ones that need it the most any good.



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