Regarding the Beverly Whitman letter of Sept. 11.

When Trump holds a rally, it is an incubator for the coronavirus, which has already shown deadly consequences. When Biden does a campaign speech and sometimes searches for an easier to pronounce word, as people who stutter often do, he should be praised for overcoming a speech impediment and having the ability to rise to the second highest office of our country, not made fun of as Trump does to people with disabilities.

Biden promises not to raise our taxes, but to make big corporations pay their fair share rather than finding every loophole as Trump himself has bragged about doing. Those big corporations use our infrastructure more than most of us do. Wouldn't it be better if they paid their full share of taxes that produce and maintain it? As for Trump's lowering taxes for individuals, that will expire in 2025. The Joint Committee on Taxes says, if made permanent, the cost to our economy will be 2.3 trillion dollars.

Trump promises seem to cost the American taxpayers more than they save. His China washing machine tariffs alone brought in $82 million to the U.S. Treasury, but they raised consumer prices by $1.5 billion. According to the University of Chicago and the Federal Reserve, that is a cost to the American economy of $817,000 per job brought back to the U.S.

Trump also promised to build "the wall" and to force Mexico to pay for it. As of May, only 16 of the 194 miles of "Trump's wall" was anything other than replacement of existing structures.

As for those "joyful" Trump supporters, I can imagine their gleeful faces every time they steal political signs from our yard.



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