Congressman Mike Kelly is right — we are all people of color from white to black and all colors in between. In 2018, Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota said we should be afraid of white radicalized men; however, it was radicalized men of her color who crashed planes into the World Trade Center killing nearly 3,000 people, along with some still struggling and dying from health-related causes.

There are evil people of every color. We should be careful of the flagrant use of words such as “color” and “race.” God has a way of humbling us when we make false allegations or simply lie.

President Donald Trump is right about Baltimore. My son works in the downtown area just a few blocks away from the riots of 2015. There are still burned-out, boarded-up store fronts of businesses destroyed. He bought an old beater car to drive as the streets are in such poor shape. As he and his friends go for lunch, they must avoid drunkards, druggies and the homeless filling the streets. I worry about his safety in that nasty place.

It is true that most large cities are run by Democrats — look up the statistics. Erie, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia all have high crime rates and shootings nearly each and every night. Trump has brought this to light and as many of our legislators are busy spending taxpayer dollars trying to oust our elected president, they are ignoring the problems of their own neighborhoods.

Our legislators should follow our president’s lead and put laws and policies in place to protect our citizens and set the pace to remove obstacles that prevent manufacturing and other life sustaining jobs from being established in our state. While tourism is good, the jobs it creates are not life or family sustaining.

In the upcoming election, we have a choice to elect more Democrats and their liberal policies or elect more Republicans who will support our president and secure a better future for all of us.



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