The Tribune published an Associated Press article recently extolling the virtues of the CDC mandate that renters cannot be evicted for nonpayment of rent. Would the AP please explain the legal basis for this decision? Who gave the authority to the CDC to void contracts? Is a landlord’s property no longer his? Has America abolished private property rights? Is the landlord now absolved from paying his mortgage or his utility bills? Are property taxes now to be no longer be collected?

This action by the CDC and the Biden administration is sheer criminality. Congress specifically refused to act on this matter and the Supreme Court recently ruled that this edict is illegal. Biden and his cronies went ahead and did it anyway, at the demand of the hard left of their party.

The foundation of this republic includes the right to private property and the sanctity of contracts. These are among the bedrock principles that form the core of western civilization. If this sort of behavior is not vigorously opposed, this nation is in grave peril. Our system was specifically designed to curb the willful and arbitrary exercise of power, requiring the consent of the governed, through their elected representatives. Politicians flagrantly abusing their power in this manner will eventually destroy all of our rights and lead to terrible conflict.



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