I was completely shocked as I watched Mr Biden's speech as he laid out his newest COVID plan and showcased his executive orders.

Sheer unbelief was my reaction. I would say to Mr. Biden that we unvaccinated people are not your enemy. We are hard-working American citizens who pay their taxes. We are law-abiding people who serve in many capacities in this nation. I, for one, am vice president of Cans for Wishes, a Make-A-Wish fund-raising group that raises money through recycling.

Mr. Biden campaigned as a champion for racism. His manner of treatment towards me and millions of other Americans during his speech was appalling. He clearly drew a line between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. This man has treated the Taliban in Afghanistan better and more kind than us. Many good people are now being faced with a decision to make: Shall we give into his bullying tactics or face the grim reality of losing our jobs and livelihoods?

Let me ask you a question, Mr. Biden. Once millions of people lose their jobs because of your poor leadership and knee-jerk reactions, who will be left to pay your taxes that fund all of these illegals that flood our southern border? How will you fund the countless millions who refuse to work and collect a check every week from the taxes you collect from us? I wonder if you have a plan for that too? I am in no way condemning anyone who has chosen to vaccinate. I feel that if you did, you made a decision that was well thought out and you did what was best for you. I'm thankful that you had the freedom to make that choice. My desire is to be able to exercise the same freedom too — pure and simple.



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