There are pros and cons to the collective bargaining process. But we sign contracts for other transactions such as buying a car, getting bank loans, insurance policies and even medical procedures to mention a few examples. Therefore, it makes sense to have an agreement in writing with your employer, either individual or collectively through a union.

Understandably, there have been abuses in past decades. But those who participated or benefited from these excesses have largely passed on. Many employees are afraid to try to organize and bargain collectively with their employers because their jobs will be taken away and shipped to a place where workers are more docile. Sadly this is often the truth.

However, a balance point is reached where giving up or forgoing wages and benefits results in a particular job no longer worth having. And in today's climate of plentiful help wanted signs and signing bonuses, the opportunity is ripe for organizing and expecting employers to bargain in good faith.



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