Stop it and act like adults.

That's the message the Crawford County Fair Board gave the adults in families exhibiting in the 4-H Swine Department after security had to be called to the department for the second year in a row.

And we wholeheartedly second that thought.

Board member Kathy Klink summed it up best when she said the actions of supposed adults in the 4-H Swine Department during a show last week were "appalling."

“You do not go after a judge that we obtained to come and judge at our shows — you do not do that,” Klink admonished the group.

Several 4-H parents were upset about how a judge handled the show and some parents apparently had tried to interfere with the judge, resulting in the need for security to be called.

It still pains us to even type that nearly a week later.

Security needed to be called for a swine show? Really? In front kids — including their own children.

Appalling, indeed.

Adults need to grow up and act like adults. They need to set better examples.

According to fair officials, this was the second year in a row there had been a problem within the swine department.

A special meeting took place to review the events and to find a solution. The 45-minute meeting degenerated into a shouting match between some of the 4-H families.

Klink reminded the parents the fair has a code of ethics in its rules that prohibits a judge from being interfered with or shown any disrespect. If that happens, the judge may exclude a competitor from the competition and the show ring and may withhold any premiums awarded, according to the rule book.

The 4-H swine shows are part of the 4-H roundup for swine and are there as part of the fair, but the shows don't have to be.

We hope there isn’t a need for another meeting next year.

It pains us to recommend this, but if security being called happens again — ever — the fair board should boot out the 4-H swine exhibitions.

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