McClure's Fish House & More

McClure's Fish House & More LLC and its owners, Maurice McClure and Beverly Williams, are on the hook after accepting a $10,000 Entrepreneurial Accelerator Grant from the Meadville Redevelopment Authority in 2017.

A legal dispute about a $10,000 grant issued from the Meadville Redevelopment Authority to operators of a proposed fish restaurant has been settled out of court.

Maurice McClure and Beverly Williams, owners of McClure's Fish House & More LLC of Meadville, and the authority have settled for $5,000.

In exchange for repaying the authority $5,000, McClure and Williams are released from the grant obligation, and payment is not an acknowledgement of any wrongdoing, according to the settlement.

The Meadville Tribune filed a Right to Know request with the City of Meadville to obtain a copy of the settlement.

McClure told the Tribune on Thursday that the restaurant at 964 Park Ave. is scheduled to open in a couple of months.

"I've gotten clearance from my doctor because I had an accident," McClure said. "We're opening in early March."

In late August 2019, the authority filed a civil complaint in Crawford County Court of Common Pleas against the business and McClure and Williams.

The complaint said the business and couple were in default of the terms of a $10,000 Entrepreneurial Accelerator Grant awarded to them by the authority on Oct. 19, 2017.

The complaint demanded repayment of the $10,000 plus $1,520 in attorney fees and court costs allegedly for violating a number of grant terms, including failing to meet with authority representatives and business counselors for required review sessions and not providing quarterly financial reports.

"The authority, in consultation with the city, thought the settlement was the best chance at recovery of (grant) assets associated with the project," Andy Walker, Meadville's city manager, said Thursday. 

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