Orange cones block the entrance to Wendy's from Pine Street on Wednesday afternoon.

The state has temporarily closed Wendy's in Meadville.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services closed the fast food restaurant because of "gross facility and equipment sanitation" and "insect/rodent infestation."

A sign posted by the Department of Agriculture on the business and dated Aug. 22, 2018, read, in part, "This facility was found to have violations, which constitute an immediate danger to public health or safety, as established in 7 Pa. Code Chapter 46. As a result, this facility has been ordered to remain closed until the facility has been re-inspected by and deemed safe to re-open by the Department."

Orange cones blocked access to Wendy's at 1011 Park Ave. on Wednesday afternoon.

Manager Tonya Leube had no comment when contacted Wednesday. 

"Nothing is more important to us than the high-quality restaurant experience that we provide, and we have stringent procedures in place to ensure safe and well-maintained restaurants. The results of this recent health inspection are totally unacceptable to us and we are working closely with our pest control vendor, quality assurance experts and local health department to appropriately resolve the issues," MUY Hamburgers, the franchise organization that owns and operates the Meadville Wendy's restaurant, said in an emailed statement to the Tribune.

"We’re also taking this opportunity to retrain and reinforce our strict food safety and cleanliness procedures with our restaurant team," the statement said.

According to reports on the Department of Agriculture's website, Wendy's has had nine inspections since Jan. 1 and was found to be out of compliance in seven of those inspections.

The last record of an inspection available online was from Aug. 2. There were two violations according to the report:

• "Nonfood contact surfaces not cleaned at a frequency to preclude accumulation of dirt and soil. Buildup of standing liquid and residue remains on the floor underneath the ice machine, on the floor within the walk-in cooler, and around the floor drain in the drive through area."

• "Facility still has small flying insects throughout facility. Insects need to be eliminated."

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