A western New York man will stand trial in Crawford County Court of Common Pleas for allegedly using a recording device during a court proceeding earlier this summer.

Travis A. Rice, 27, of 24 Summer St., Fredonia, N.Y., is accused by Meadville Police Department of recording a child custody mediation conference in June. Police allege Rice used a recording device during the conference June 18 in Room 4402 of the Crawford County Judicial Center in Meadville in violation of state law.

An amendment to Pennsylvania's Crimes Code was approved by the General Assembly last fall and became effective in late December. 

The amendment makes it illegal for someone in any manner and for any purpose to use or operate "a device to capture, record, transmit or broadcast a photograph, video, motion picture or audio of a proceeding or person within a judicial facility or in an area adjacent to or immediately surrounding a judicial facility without the approval of the court or presiding judicial officer or except as provided by rules of court."

Rice waived his right to a preliminary hearing Tuesday before Magisterial District Judge Samuel Pendolino and automatically was ordered held for trial. Rice is scheduled to go to trial during the January 2020 term of county criminal court.

The unlawful use of an audio or video device in court is a second-degree misdemeanor and has a maximum penalty of two years in jail and a $5,000 fine if convicted.

Rice remains free on his own recognizance as he awaits trial.

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