Rebecca Little

Rebecca Little

Rebecca Little, who has been director of the voter services office of Crawford County for the past 18 months, was a little nervous when she first took over the job.

However, she said, she works with the best people in the world — and not just during election week.

She and Heather Manuel do all the administrative work in the office. That includes constantly updating the voter registration lists to make any changes — from party affiliation to address updates.

It also includes new registrations as well as removing people who have moved from the district or passed away.

Updating the rolls keeps them busy all year with more than 10,000 letters sent each year asking for updated information from those who have not voted for a while.

That's only one part of the job, which also includes preparing ballots for each of the 68 voting districts in the county for both the primary and general elections.

Poll worker training for the 325 residents who work on election days is also part of the job. Helping the poll workers in Little's favorite part of the job.

She said the county is very fortunate to have good workers, who are very dedicated to the job.

"I so much appreciate what they do," she said.

Her least favorite part of the job is keeping up with new state regulations regarding the election process, which the state seems to keep changing.

Little also must contact people at all of the polling sites to be sure everything is ready for Election Day.

Absentee ballots, which now may be applied for online, also are part of the duties to be sure those seeking absentee ballots get them on time.

The county got new voting machines this year, and Little said she very much appreciated the fact that Gina Chatfield, chief clerk for county commissioners, handles all of the work regarding the machines.

Assigning high school students who help with elections is also part of the duties Little performs. Preparing all of the election supplies and making sure each judge of elections has his or her bag of materials also must be done before each election.

Preparing for the election is a process, Little said.

One thing she would like to see voters do before Election Day is learn who's on the ballot in their precinct and be ready to vote.

She said some people don't realize all of the work that goes into ensuring all registered voters may cast their ballot easily.

It takes more than a few days each year to keep the process working, she said.

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