TITUSVILLE — A 31-year-old Titusville woman accused of killing a Troy Township man and then stealing his money was bound over to Crawford County Court Tuesday after a preliminary hearing.

Angela Waldron, 501 S. Perry St., is charged with first-degree criminal homicide, firearms not to be carried without a license and theft by unlawful taking in connection with the death of 42-year-old Garold Lee “Abe” Davis.

Pennsylvania State Police allege Waldron shot Davis at his home at 9366 LeBoeuf Trail Road on Sept. 26 and took $600 from the house.

According to arrest papers filed in the case, Davis’ murder was premeditated and with malice, both of which are needed for a first-degree murder conviction.

The hour-long preliminary hearing was before Magisterial District Judge Amy Nicols.

Under examination by Crawford County District Attorney Francis Shultz, State Police Trooper Richard Neiswonger, from the Corry barracks, testified that he found Davis’ body lying on the living room floor of Davis’ house.

An autopsy was later done at the Erie County Coroner’s Office by Dr. Eric Vey, where a bullet was removed from a small hole in the back of Davis’ neck, said Neiswonger.

During further testimoney Neiswonger said an acquaintance of Waldron’s, Kenneth Anthony, admitted during an interview that he had been with Davis, Waldron and a friend of Waldron’s, Melanie Thompson, at The Garage, a bar in Titusville, the day of the shooting.

After leaving the bar all four went along Route 27 to Davis’ house, with Waldron and Davis in a separate vehicle, but the two pulled over at a parking lot, and sat and talked for a while, before driving up and down LeBoeuf Trail, looking for Waldron, Anthony told Neiswonger.

When the two found Waldron and she got into the car, Anthony told police, “Angela said she shot Davis and got $600. She said she could not believe she shot him.”

State Police Cpl. David Gluth, from the Lawrence Park barracks, also testified on an interview with Waldron.

Waldron stated she met Davis in The Garage and she was concerned about his drinking. Gluth said Waldron told investigators she left the establishment with Davis and went to his residence along with a “blond female” who had pounded on the outside of his car while they were going through the drive-thru at McDonald’s. Waldron told police she saw Davis talking with the blond girl before Waldron left the residence.

Gluth told the court that Waldron then changed her story after a break in the interview. The defendant admitted there never was a blond girl, which put Waldron in the house alone with Davis. She told police first that she went into the bathroom, and later left the residence with Thompson after hearing the noise of a gun going off, according to Gluth.

But Gluth said that she again changed her story and confessed that Davis was making sexual remarks to her and then forced her down on the floor of his house. Gluth quoted Waldron as saying in her statement that when Abe got up to put on music, that she got close behind him, closed her eyes, squeezed the trigger and then ran out of the house.

Waldron told police her boyfriend Jeffrey Franke had given her the weapon, a .32 caliber handgun, for protection, testified Gluth. Neiswonger had earlier testified that Waldron did not have the right to possess a firearm.

Under cross-examination by Waldron’s attorney, Bruce Barrett of Meadville, Gluth said Waldron never admitted to taking anything from Davis. Gluth also said the alleged murder weapon had been recovered.

If convicted of first-degree homicide, she faces a minimum mandatory sentence of life in prison. If convicted on the theft charge, she faces maximum five years in prison and $10,000 fine.

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