OIL CITY — Several state roads in Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s District 1 are still impacted by flooding.

PennDOT cautions motorists not to try to drive across flooded roads. The water may be deeper than it looks. Motorists who encounter water covered roads are encouraged to turn around and seek an alternate route.

In Crawford County, Route 19 is closed from State Route 285 in Greenwood Township to Mullen Road/Carr Hill Road in Vernon Township. A detour has been established, directing traffic to Interstate 79, north and south, by way of routes 6 and 322, and State Route 285.

State Route 1039 (Riceville Road/Main Street/Shreve Ridge Road) is closed from South Road to Chestnut Street in Bloomfield Township. A detour is in place, using state routes 1024, 85 and 77.

State Route 1006 (Skeltontown Road/McClelland Street/McClellan Street) is closed from Grant Street in Cambridge Springs to State Route 99 in Cambridge Springs.

State Route 2034 (Spring Street/Rogers Ferry Road) is closed from State Route 98 to Valley Road in Hayfield Township.

State Route 1041 (Sparta Street, Fish Flats Road/Britton Run Road) is closed from Garland Street in Centerville to White Road in Rome Township.

State Route 1011 (Mystic Park Road/Weed Street) is closed from Rosenburg Road in Troy Township to Stroup Road in Steuben Township.

State Route 1016 (Miller Station Road, Brown Hill Road) is closed from Route 6 in Cambridge Township to Miller Station Road in Rockdale Township.

State Route 2008 (Wilson Chute Road) is closed from Heckman Road in Union Township to U.S. 322 in West Mead Township.

State Route 3021 (Main Street) is closed from Second Street in Greenwood Township to US Route 19 in Union Township.

State Route 1014 (Johnstown Road) is closed from State Route 408 in Rockdale Township to Brown Hill Road in Rockdale Township.

State Route 2005 (Townhall Road, State Road, Marsh Road) is closed from State Route 285 in Fairfield Township to Trimble Lane in East Fairfield Township.

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