A soccer team will send 12 players out onto the pitch for each match. Eleven of those players have to wear the same uniform. The one exception is the team’s goalie, who is required to wear different colors to make him or her stand out from the rest of the team.

That rule gave Saegertown’s senior goalie Zachary Coon a perfect opportunity to honor someone close to the team who was battling breast cancer for the second time. 

So for the entire month of October, while the rest of the Saegertown team donned its traditional blue and gold, Coon was the guy between the pipes rocking the bright pink. 

Coon’s fashion statement was for Tracie Racop Duffy, the wife of Saegertown assistant coach Kevin Duffy and mother of fellow Saegertown player Nathan Duffy. 

“When I heard that my assistant coach’s wife had breast cancer this spring, and that it was her second time having cancer, I decided I should do something,” Coon said. “So, what I did was I got a pink jersey in support of her.”

Coon added that, “Her son has been a teammate of mine for several years. And she’s been a big help to the team and the boosters. So I thought I should pay her some respect.”

Along with a pink jersey, “my gloves were pink,” Coon said. “My socks were pink. Almost everything was pink.”

The plan was for Coon to don the jersey for each soccer match in October. However, the pink made an early debut after Duffy made a milestone in her treatment.

“On the night before our Meadville game (on Sept. 8), I found out that it was going to be her last chemo(therapy) treatment,” said Coon. “So I decied to wear the pink jersey the next day and surprise her and congratulate her.”

Coon also presented Duffy with pink roses after the game.

From the pink jersey he wore to honor her to giving her pink roses, Duffy said it was a very nice gesture on Coon’s part.

“I was honored, I was suprirsed and I thought it was a really cool thing,” she said. “Not many boys out there want to wear pink.”

He has since continued to wear the pink jersey each and every match this month. 

And as for Duffy, “She’s 100 percent clear,” Coon said.

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