TITUSVILLE — Police are investigating prescription drug dealing that is going on at Titusville High School.

According to Titusville Police Chief Michael Simmons, the investigation is ongoing and centers around the high school.

Simmons noted, however, that one of the students who was caught with these drugs attended the middle school.

The drug transactions taking place inside of the school have been witnessed by other students, who told school officials what they had seen.

“Initially, it was witnessed by other students who notified school personnel, who notified Kerrick Caldwell,” said Simmons. Caldwell, who is the school resource officer, is in charge of the investigation.

Simmons said the number of students who have been involved keeps going up as the investigation continues. So far, Simm-ons said prescription drugs are the main focus of the problem.

He also said it is not believed the students are stealing the prescription drugs from their parents and bringing them into the school. Instead, Simmons said the drugs are entering school property through “an external source.”

He added, “We have a pretty good idea where they are coming from.”

Simmons noted the amount of drugs seen by police thus far in the investigation is not large, but said those dealing the drugs could face federal charges because a school is designated as a drug-free zone.

“Delivery of a controlled substance is a felony,” said Simmons.

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