Conneaut Lake Park’s total debt is $2,160,373.64.

Of that number, $432,479.46 is a 30-year loan for updating the local sewer lines. The PennVEST loan carries 1 percent interest.

LeRoy Stearns, court-appointed overseer, hopes to erase the debt by selling 3.3 acres of land at the park. Final paperwork to solicit proposals for the sale is now being done and requests for proposals should be ready soon.

He said once the final wording is complete, the proposal will be sent to the state attorney general’s office for approval.

The park came under court supervision after a former trustees sued the remaining members of the board of trustees and the park was declared a charitable trust. As such, it is under court supervision and any sale of the assets must be approved by the state attorney general’s office.

Other debts include:

–– More than $450,000 for unpaid real estate taxes over the past 10 years.

–– First National Bank of Pennsylvania, line of credit, $247,370.15.

–– Don Kaltenbaugh, $56,000 note.

–– Mercer County State Bank, $99,997, money borrowed by the former board for which only interest payments have been made this year, according to Stearns,.

–– Two credit card debts to National City Bank which Herbert Brill, the park’s former court-appointed overseer, opened, $44,650.48. Stearns said the park doesn’t know what has been charged on those accounts.

–– Investor certificates to people who loaned the park money, $172,000.

–– Griffin Motors, $25,000.

–– Meadville Area Industrial Commission, $25,000.

–– Penelec, about $250,000.

–– Pepicelli, Youngs and Youngs, attorney fees, $26,819.56.

–– William Jorden, attorney fees, $32,000.

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