Peter Zimmer

Meadville’s Peter Zimmer has announced he is running for the Democratic nomination for the 6th Legislative District, which includes part of Crawford County.

Zimmer was raised in the Meadville community and graduated from Meadville Area Senior High School. He studied communications, earth sciences and received a bachelor of arts in cinema from Denison University in Ohio.

He has worked in youth tutoring and adult English as a second language programs at the Somali refugee center in Columbus, Ohio. In Detroit he worked on labor organization and advocacy for workers in the food industry. Zimmer helped raised awareness and ultimately legal action against a restaurant group that was exploiting workers and committing wage theft, he said.

“I mention these events because they played a pivotal role in my recognition of the rights of workers and moved me to defend our most vulnerable citizens, whether they be the mentally and developmentally challenged, food insecure children, the homeless, immigrant refugees and so on,” Zimmer said.

In 2013 Zimmer moved back to Meadville and worked to access local and healthful foods. During his time at the Voodoo Brewery as the kitchen and food manager Zimmer fostered relationships with some of the region’s hardest working individuals — the farming community, he said.

Zimmer supported their efforts and facilitated accessibility to local, low-intensity food with integrity for the consumer, he said. Additionally, he has been collaborating with a program at Meadville Area Middle School to introduce basic nutrition and diet to students as well as fundamental culinary skills.

“I am an advocate for the outdoors and value our natural resources and recreation available in Pennsylvania,” Zimmer said.

Zimmer supports the idea that a localized economy that produces immediately accessible goods and services stabilizes the region and isolates it from the turbulence and uncertainty of centralized economies. He also believes an investment in infrastructure and youth will pay dividends in the future to the health and prosperity of the commonwealth.

“I do not prescribe to the notion that one is necessarily qualified to govern over others but is bestowed the privilege to represent the people,” he said. “With that privilege comes the responsibility to hear and communicate with the constituents and act in their best interests.”

If elected Zimmer says he will act with an open and compassionate ear to work toward the betterment of the community, with a mind toward fiscal responsibility and humanism.

“I will not abide by simplistic political gamesmanship that results in hijacking our budget, public services and future prosperity,” Zimmer said. “I look forward to the coming conversations and the development of actions to lead us in rebuilding the commonwealth for a more responsible and productive tomorrow.”

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