Each year, hundreds of people take their campers to the Crawford County Fair and make it their home for a week, using the fairgrounds as camping space.

That may become a more expensive venture next year if one idea is adopted by the fair board.

Currently, every camper — no matter what size vehicle or camper style, or how much space is required — pays a flat weekly fee.

At a recent fair board meeting, building committee Chairman Bill Winters said he and Gary Graham, camper department chairman, will meet to review some options.

Noting he has taken his camper to other venues and the cost is based on the size of the camper, Winters suggested the fair board may want to review its prices.

He said he would have no problem with pricing the camper space according to the size of the camper — basing the rate per foot. In addition, he said when he has camped at some venues, he must park his truck in a different location.

His theory is that by changing the way camper space is priced, it will either eliminate the extra provisions that many current campers take to the fair, making either more space for the fair or more money for the fair.

Winters said he has spoken with people who camp at the county fair versus other fairs and they told him the county fair’s rate is low in comparison to others.

Other board members offered no objection to exploring that option.

In other action, the board:

- Set Aug. 19 to 26, 2006, as the date for next year’s fair.

- Tabled payment of a bill from West Mead Police Department until it can be reviewed. The department had submitted a proposal for $2,294, but a bill for $2,625.

- Approved allowing the Masonic Lodge to provide rides for the handicapped at the fair next year.

- Tabled approval of a bill for repairs to damaged horse stalls and discussed whether to go out for bids or quotes for horse stall rentals. The current vendor had submitted a five-year proposal last year, but no contract was signed.

Board member Bill Davis, however, said he believes when the board accepted the proposal it constituted a “gentleman’s agreement,” and believes it should be honored. At the same time, the vendor submitted a new contract to be signed, which includes a surcharge for fuel costs.

After discussing the options, it was agreed to have board attorney Mark Stevens go to the December meeting and explain the legal requirements.

- Set Dec. 20 at 11 a.m. at Perkins Family Restaurant as the time for the annual meeting.

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