Editor's note: Occasionally the actual price is omitted from filed deeds. Because of this, some prices listed here are based on the 1 percent tax paid when the property was sold.

• Shirley Harbison to Edward L. Brink, $25,000, property in Summit Township.

• Ernst Farms LLC to Gregory F. Oakes, $1, property in Union Township.

• Scott W. Wright to Danielle Galford, $175,000, property in Cambridge Township, corrective deed.

• Debby A. McCain to Lawrence Zehr, $74,500, property in Woodcock Township.

• Debby A. Bradick to New Wine 3 LLC, $55,000, property in Meadville.

• Joseph McManus to Mark Hague, $68,600, property in East Fallowfield Township.

• Jerry R. Williams to Jerry R. Williams, $1, property in North Shenango Township.

• Ronald L. Bollinger to Ronald L. Bollinger, $1, property in Bloomfield Township.

• Raymonde Volkstadt to Robert R. Volkstadt, $1, property in Titusville.

• Brian K. Shorey to Renee Bradshaw, $1, property in East Fairfield Township.

• Crawford Veld LLC to Charles J. Titterington, $385,000, property in Conneaut Township.

• Sharon M. Persbacker to Mark D. Haeck, $160,000, property in Vernon Township.

• Richard E. Johnson to New Wine 10 LLC, $112,000, property in Bloomfield Township.

• Roberta A. Dandoy to B&D Retreat LLC, $120,000, property in Bloomfield Township.

• Jason T. Hanby to James Prince, $200, property in Cambridge Township.

• Richard D. Seidel to New Wine 9 LLC, $105,000, property in Meadville.

• James M. Leonhart to Meadville Redevelopment Authority, $2,500, property in Meadville.

• C. Robert McDowell to C. Robert McDowell, $1, property in Greenwood Township.

• Keith A. Corey to Alexandra J. Lehman, $113,000, property in Cambridge Springs.

• Michael Allen Dorman to Jeannine Dorman, $1, property in Rockdale Township.

• Christopher T. Fox to Christopher T. Fox, $1, property in Meadville.

• Dale E. Funkhouser to Ernst Farms LLC, $350,000, property in Summit Township.

• Frank J. Coppola Jr. to Coppola Real Estate LLC, $1, property in Meadville.

• Frances Stonedale Revocable Trust to William Nelson, $81,340, property in West Mead Township.

• Jean Styborski Revocable Living Trust to Ernst Farms LLC, $106,264, property in Woodcock Township.

• Donna M. Coburn to Meadville Forging Co. LP, $325,000, property in Cambridge Township.

• Jason Hetrick to Randy O. Keister, $1, property in Meadville.

• Randy O. Kiester to Randy O. Kiester, $1, property in West Mead Township.

• Randy O. Kiester to Randy O. Kiester, $1, property in Meadville.

• Frederick C. Warham to Frederick C. Warham, $1, property in Troy Township.

• Michael R. Michaelson to Michael R. Michaelson, $1, property in West Mead Township.

• Frank Stodolsky to Mosie Gingerich, $42,000, property in Meadville.

• John H. Yassem to Anthony J. Bilka, $1, property in West Mead Township.

• James W. Phelps to James W. Phelps, $1, property in West Mead Township.

• Sandy B. Petruso to John Shaffer, $27,750, property in Meadville.

• Mary Jo Foulk to Morgan E. Foulk, $100,000, property in Conneautville.

• Edward A. Zinz to Benna M. Kotch, $72,000, property in Meadville.

• Nancy Brown to Tracy A. Brown, $1, property in Cambridge Springs.

• Roland R. Shumate to Michael E. Felmlee, $54,900, property in Springboro.

• David A. Gingerich to John J. Slaubaugh, $90,000, property in Rome Township.

• Kenneth C. Tate to Raymond J. Zelinsky Jr., $29,000, property in South Shenango Township.

• Judith M. Good to Breanna S. Seeley, $142,000, property in Woodcock Township.

• Crawford County Sheriff to PRP II Pals Investments Trust, $2,743.98, property in Meadville.

• Crawford County Sheriff to Harry W. Kehren, $1,949.11, property in North Shenango Township.

• Jessica N. Bartges to John A. Hogue, $140,000, property in Meadville.

• John A. Yanacek to John A. Yanacek, $1, property in Vernon Township, corrective deed.

• Ronald E. Hoffman to Ronald E. Koffman, $1, property in Greenwood Township.

• Martha J. Troutner to Stephen C. Wykoff, $1, property in Woodcock Township.

• Daniel E. Hostetler to Kenneth G. Buckley, $437,250, property in West Shenango Township.

• Vincent J. Allessie to Vincent J. Allessie, $1, property in Meadville.

• Nancy H. Sairs to Core Dame, $6,000, property in South Shenango Township.

• Joseph H. Carter Jr. to Steven A. Smock, $800, property in Oil Creek Township.

• Larry J. Dygert to Heidi L. Leist, $56,500, property in Greenwood Township.

• Terry E. Stallsmith to James R. Guthrie, $7,000, property in Townville.

• Fred Froehlich to Dennis L. Stevens, $4,000, property in North Shenango Township.

• Roger W. Stranahan to Rhonda A. Hopkins, $1, property in Spartansburg.

• Roger W. Stranahan to Stranahan Family Trust, $1, property in Sparta Township.

• Edward M. Erdos to Jacqueline R. Lesher, $180,000, property in Sadsbury Township.

• Maxine Faye Linz to Joseph E. Gaines, $40,700, property in Conneautville.

• William E. Geiyer to David A. Riley, $80,000, property in Cussewago Township.

• Thomas J. Schmidt to Zach Vath, $28,000, property in Titusville.

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