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Voters in Titusville will see a race among six candidates for a total of three seats on Titusville City Council in the Nov. 5 election.

The Crawford County Board of Elections met Monday to make determinations on spelling variations of write-ins in various municipal and school board races following completion of official tabulation of the May 21 primary. It had met last week to make write-in determinations in statewide and countywide races.

The race for Titusville City Council had only four Republican candidates seeking three nominations of that party while there were no candidates on the Democratic Party's primary ballot.

Write-in campaigns were done for both the Republican and Democratic nominations to Titusville City Council, and though close on the Republican side, the top three Republicans remain the same. The top three Republicans now will face three successful Democratic write-in candidates in November as three write-ins each topped the minimum of 100 votes to get on the general election ballot.

The top three Republican candidates remain Jayla Pertz in first with 238 votes followed by William P. Bill Adelman with 214 and Heather Leonardi with 164.

Among Republican write-ins, Roger Gordon came close to forcing a tie with Leonardi as Gordon received 163 votes. He was followed by Dennis Peden with 155 and Jon Crouch with 149. James G. Elliott, who was the fourth Republican on the ballot, actually came in seventh overall at 119 votes.

On the Democratic side, Peden was the top vote-getter with 170 votes, followed by Gordon with 159 and Crouch with 157. Pertz was fourth with 19 Democrat write-ins, Adelman fifth with 12, and Elliott and Leonardi tied for sixth with 9 each.

In contested write-in township supervisor races, there were three townships with such races where candidates got the minimum of 10 votes to get on the ballot in November.

In Athens Township for a four-year supervisor term, Jesse Smith beat Clay Doolittle 31 to 26 for the Republican Party nomination. No Democratic write-ins qualified.

In Beaver Township for a six-year supervisor term, Robert Thompson beat David Bates 31 to 29 for the Republican Party nomination. No Democratic write-ins qualified.

In East Mead Township for a six-year supervisor term, Terry Simonette beat Eric Coston for both the Republican and Democratic nominations. Simonette won 43-39 among Republican write-ins and 55-20 among Democratic write-ins.

In a countywide write-in race, neither Emmy Arnett nor Karen Rice-Haun earned 100 votes to garner the Democratic Party nomination for prothonotary. Rice-Haun had only 86 write-in votes from Democrats while Arnett had only 63 from Democrats.

Arnett, the current prothonotary, was the only candidate on the Republican ballot for the office and received 6,886 votes while Rice-Haun received 252 write-in votes from Republicans.

There is a countywide write-in race where one of two write-in candidates did win.

Neil Fratus won out over David Powers 634-468 for the Democratic Party's nomination for sheriff. There were no Democrats on the ballot for the sheriff position.

However, on the Republican ballot where both men were listed, Powers had 4,132 votes to 4,025 for Fratus.

With the completion of official tabulations and determination of write-in name variations, tabulation books with complete results are being printed.

Those books are expected to be presented to the Crawford County Board of Elections Wednesday for preliminary approval. The Board of Elections meets Wednesday at the Crawford County Courthouse in Meadville following the commissioners meeting, which begins at 9:30 a.m.

If given preliminary approval, the election results then will be available for public inspection and any challenges for five days before the board would give final approval, said Rebecca Little, director of the Crawford County Office Elections and Voter Services. 

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