Crawford County Salary Board approved new hires involving security at the Crawford County Courthouse.

In May, county commissioners voted unanimously to create two full-time and two per diem county security positions within the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office. They also voted unanimously to eliminate two vacant full-time deputy sheriff positions.

Tony R. McIntyre and Paul Brockway were named full-time security officers effective June 21 at $16.19 per hour, while Michaela Kepple and David L. Geer were hired as per diem security officers at $14.50 per hour.

The two full-time and two per diem county security officers are being trained by the office, but aren't full deputy sheriffs, Sheriff Dave Powers said. County security officers will handle entrance screening and other functions like gun permit applications.

In April, commissioners voted to end the county's agreement with PalAmerican Security, a private firm providing security at the courthouse, by no later than July 7. The county currently pays PalAmerican Security $102,000 annually for two armed security personnel at the courthouse’s public entrance who are under direction of a county sheriff's deputy.

McIntyre and Brockway have been PalAmerican Security employees on duty at the courthouse.

Switching to two county security officers at the courthouse entrance who are part of the sheriff's office eliminates the need for a deputy sheriff to be stationed there. 

The realignment gives the office greater flexibility in staffing, according to the county. The office will maintain current staffing of 13 officers — the sheriff, 11 deputy sheriffs and one per diem deputy.

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