VERNON TOWNSHIP — The township has made an administrative change for fire and rescue protection and operations for its two volunteer fire departments — Vernon Central and Vernon Township.

"The township would like to stress we have two viable volunteer fire departments and there will be no lapse in the emergency service coverage in any part of the township," said Robert Horvat, the township's manager. "Both are independent. They're both responding to calls."

Vernon Central Volunteer Fire Department has been given operational command for fire and rescue services for the entire township. Vernon Township Volunteer Fire Department still will provide QRS, or quick response service, for medical needs for its existing coverage area of the township and will assist Vernon Central on fire calls.

Vernon Township VFD has the responsibility to provide fire and rescue services to township residents and property owners, Horvat said.

Horvat said it's in the best interest of the township for Vernon Central VFD to have operational control for fire and rescue services at this time.

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