'Drive-by Fiesta'

Bride-to-be Sarah Jacobs watches for cars during her ‘Drive-by Fiesta’ bridal shower on Saturday afternoon.

“Nacho average bridal shower.” Those were the words stamped across the front of the original invitations for Sarah Jacobs’ bridal shower. Little did Jacobs know just how non-average her shower would truly be.

“We were originally going to have the bridal shower this weekend at Vernon Central, the club, in the banquet hall area because we were members there. We know the staff,” Jacobs said. “Obviously, that is not happening because nothing is open.”

Instead, due to the coronavirus and social distancing, Jacobs and her family had to think outside the box and find a new way to celebrate her upcoming marriage to Benjamin Lybrook. That’s when Lybrook’s mother, Amy Learn, suggested a drive-thru shower: a “Drive-by Fiesta.”

“She lives off Tamarack Drive and has a decently-sized driveway,” Jacobs said. “She said, ‘Let’s just do a drive-thru.’ I had a couple of friends from work up in Erie send me links to people who have done it this year and that’s how we got that idea.”

Jacobs is still carrying out her Mexican-themed shower, which ironically was to include Corona beer. But instead of her friends and family gathering around tables, mingling and enjoying Mexican food and beverages, they will drive up to the Learn home.

“Nobody is going to get out of their car, because we really are going to enforce social distancing,”Jacobs said. “I’m going to unwrap their gifts and their car door and maybe snap a picture with them. We have little goodie bags made up of cactus sugar cookies and little margaritas and a Corona we are going to put in a little bag, give it to them and then send them on their way.”

“We’re making the most of the situation we’re in,” Jacobs added. And that is exactly how Jacobs and Lybrook are treating their upcoming wedding ceremony on June 13 at Hotel Conneaut despite not knowing just how long Gov. Tom Wolf will keep social distancing in effect.

“As of right now, we are moving forward with it,” Jacobs said. “If our attendance is down, our attendance is down. It is what it is.

“I know the guests who are traveling from farther away, it might not happen for them; college roommates and stuff like that. The local guests who would still like to come … We will see. It’s whatever they are comfortable with. Obviously, I’m not going to have hard feelings. I understand. We’re just trying to make the most of the situation.

“I’ve talked to a lot of brides, just being friends with them on Facebook and stuff. Some are indifferent. Some are like, ‘Yep, let’s just go for it.’ Some are questioning my decision on not canceling.”

One thing Jacobs, a 2011 Cochranton graduate, and Lybrook, a 2009 Meadville graduate, are sure of is they will be married June 13, 2020.

“It’s difficult, but it’s no one’s fault,” Jacobs said. “There is no one to blame. It’s out of our control. We just want to have fun.”

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