Members of the Crawford County Scuba Team return a juvenile to the shore after a concerned citizen spotted his raft anchored in French Creek near the Saegertown boat launch on Friday afternoon.

SAEGERTOWN — A boy was discovered unharmed, floating in a raft on French Creek north of the fishing access off routes 6 and 19 near Lord Corp.'s manufacturing center.

A concerned citizen called Chief B.J. Fleischer of the Saegertown Volunteer Fire Department around 12:45 p.m Friday. Crawford County's Scuba Team secured the boy and his raft and brought him to shore.

Fleischer had no comment on the boy's condition, but the boy walked away from the scene.

Meadville Ambulance, the Fish and Boat Commission and the Pennsylvania State Police were also on hand.

Due to the boy's age, no further information was released.

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