Lawrence County District Attorney Joshua Lamancusa firmly dispelled internet rumors surrounding his office's investigation into hazing allegations within the Mohawk Area High School football program.

Lamancusa, invited to address the public at Tuesday's Mohawk school board meeting, issued a statement of what his investigation found on Friday. The football team had been idle for nearly three weeks while the investigation occurred, culminating in the loss of a preseason scrimmage and the cancellation of two games.

"There were no broomsticks. There was no masturbation. There was no bodily fluids," Lamancusa said. "I heard all the rumors. In my position, I learned a long time ago you need to be upfront and honest with people."

Three 17-year-old football players will be charged with juvenile summons after committing "a series of acts of abuse, humiliation and assault upon five victims" against five fellow team members between noon and 1 p.m. Aug. 17 in a school equipment/utility room. Lamancusa, speaking to the crowd of about 30 in the district's high school auditorium, noted that 25 witnesses were interviewed during the investigation.