Logan Miles King

Logan Miles King was born on Interstate 90 in Ohio just across the state line as his mom and dad were rushing to the hospital.

Five miles.

That’s how far Geneva residents Michael and Kathleen King got from their home when their son Logan Miles King was born on Monday — in the car, on the side of Interstate 90, no pushing required.

“It was shocking,” Kathleen King said. “I really didn’t have time to be scared, it all just happened so fast. My water broke and he was born, right there in the front seat of the car.”

The couple was on their way to the UH Geauga Medical Center at 7 a.m., Kathleen’s contractions six minutes apart, when suddenly little Logan wasn’t waiting to be born.

“My husband dialed 911 to get some help and he actually had to drop the phone to catch the baby as he was born. There just wasn’t time to do much of anything else,” she said. “It was like my contractions were six minutes apart, but after my water broke they were right on top of each other. As soon as my water broke, I just knew we were out of options.”

Delivered by daddy, Logan was born at 8 pounds, 9 ounces and 21 inches long, King reports.

“He was perfectly healthy,” she said. “No problems at all. He was alert right away.”

Mother and child were taken to Tri-Point Medical Center in Concord Township for evaluation.

On Wednesday, King said she is thrilled to be home with the baby and her children Michael, 8, and Cailyn, 4.

“They just love their baby brother,” she said. “They are very doting.”

Her husband is getting over the shock of delivering his own son.

“I was so impressed with my husband,” King said. “He kept a very calm and cool head and he did what he had to do.”

While his parents won’t soon forget Logan’s rushed entrance into the world, they gave the baby a middle name to remember.

“His middle name is Miles because we only made it a few miles from home when he was born,” King said. “He will be able to tell the crazy story of his birth his whole life.”

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