SPRING TOWNSHIP — When a truck driver attempted to drive his 28-ton truck across a bridge over Conn-eaut Creek posted with a three-ton weight limit, something had to give.

The floors of the county-owned Tower Bridge gave — causing the trailer to land on the eastern shore of the creek.

The truck was carrying lime when it crashed. However, there wasn’t a lot of damage from the lime or the diesel fuel in the truck to the environment, according to Freda Tarbell, community relations director with the Meadville Regional Office of the Department of Environmental Res-ources.

“There was a minuscule amount of fuel and lime,” she said, noting there was “no sheen in Conneaut Creek and no soil contaminated.”

The accident occurred about 10:20 p.m. Thursday and workers were at the site Friday morning. Tarbell said a backhoe was unloading the lime from the truck before attempting to get the truck cab upright.

Steve Watt, director of Crawford County Office of Emergency Services, said the truck was removed from the creek about 11:30 a.m. Friday with no problems and no injuries. He agreed with Tarbell that there was little damage to the environment.

The county-owned bridge was built in 1884 and was already scheduled to be replaced, according to Steve Scott, county maintenance superintendent.

He said the bridge will be inspected to determine if the bridge trusses are still strong. “It was scheduled for replacement and this will probably help move it (the replacement date) up a couple of years,” Scott said.

It is uncertain who will pay for the cost of clean up and the damage to the bridge, Scott said, noting it will depend on the driver’s insurance policy.

He said a detour route will be established and posted in the area.

Pennsylvania State Police said charges will probably be filed.

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