Whether the process of possibly renaming Second District Elementary School goes forward will be determined next month.

The Crawford Central School Board will decide whether to end the process after a report is given next month by Charles Heller, the district’s superintendent, said Jan VanTuil, the board’s president, at Monday night’s work session at the district’s administrative offices in Vernon Township.

A potential name change for Second District Elementary School has been a hot button topic for a number of residents for the past couple of months.

What was Second District Elementary School currently is known as “East End Elementary School at Second District Elementary School” at least until July 1, 2013. That’s the date the Pennsylvania Department of Education said the district could change the building’s name.

The building was given the nine-word name because of a complicated decision by Pennsylvania Department of Education based on Crawford Central’s decision to move almost the entire student body, faculty and staff of Second District to East End Elementary School for the 2011-12 school year and then move everyone back to Second District as of the beginning of the 2012-13 school year.

It was during the board’s July work session that former East End Elementary School attendance area resident Patty Fiely suggested Second District’s name be changed “to avoid labels and get a fresh start.”

At the July work session, the board gave Fiely permission to form a committee to investigate the possibility of a name change.

However, as the possibility of a name change became known, it has triggered a number of Second District attendance area residents and alumni to speak out against a potential change.

At Monday’s work session, Superintendent Heller said “There has not been a meeting as yet. It is in the planning stages.”

“The final say (on any name change) is with this group,” VanTuil said of the school board.

A couple of board members expressed concern about a potential name controversy.

“Whatever the committee wants to call it, we need to focus what’s going on inside (the building),” said Jon DeArment, a school board member.

Board member Kevin Maziarz said he couldn’t support changing the name of the school, and he, too, wanted to focus other board issues.

VanTuil said persons interested in serving on the committee should contact Superintendent Heller’s office at 724-3960.

You can volunteer

Persons interested in serving on a committee about the possibility of Crawford Central School District changing the name of Second District Elementary School should contact Superintendent Charles Heller at 724-3960.

What to watch for next

A committee report on the possibility of Crawford Central School District changing the name of Second District Elementary School is expected at the school board’s next committee meeting Oct. 15 at 6 p.m. at the district’s administrative offices in Vernon Township.

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