A tour through a fog-shrouded house of horrors seems to go on forever.

A maze full of ghouls and monsters grips hearts with fear.

A walk down into a dark, damp basement is a descent into terror.

The ghost of a mournful young bride, along with some of her friends, waits to greet visitors at the stately hotel in which she’s made her eternal home.

And oh yes, there will be some seriously insane clowns.

Sound scary?

That’s just a little of what’s waiting ... and waiting ... for fright-lovers at the upcoming Haunted Hotel and Ghost Lake at Conneaut Lake Park.

Working off of the park’s long-held reputation of being one of the most-haunted places around, Niles, Ohio-based Mid America Events is presenting the fright-filled event every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Oct. 3 through Nov. 2 at the park.

And it’s no kid stuff, according to event organizers.

Featuring “Six Levels of Fear,” the attraction is not recommended for anyone under 10 years of age — or, for that matter, those who are the least bit faint of heart.

Those who think they can take it are invited to make their way through the six levels: The Fog, the Devil’s Gauntlet, the Maze of Madness, the Haunted Hotel, the Butcher’s Basement and Clown Town.

There are certainly more than enough Conneaut Lake Park ghost stories to make the scares those attractions are set to offer seem real.

Local folklore holds tales of Elizabeth, the young bride who was supposedly burned alive in the devastating 1943 fire that destroyed a large portion of the Hotel Conneaut. Many staff members, in fact, have claimed to have had several firsthand experiences with Elizabeth and other ghosts of the hotel and park.

Staff members responsible for late-night routine checks have said they’ve seen lights on in one or more of the hotel’s rooms when it’s been locked up and is supposedly entirely unoccupied. Or — even creepier — some say windows have been found open, curtains flapping in the breeze, even after staff have double-checked to make sure they’ve been shut tight.

And it’s not just park staffers and locals who keep the stories alive. Perfect strangers to the park have told similar stories about brushes with the spirit world after spending a night at the hotel.

Kitty Osborne, president of the Center for Divine Prophecy and an organizer of the park’s annual Spiritual Expo, previously told the Tribune that during one stay she awoke during the night after feeling a strong presence in the hallway outside her room. Upon opening the door, she said she saw “a little girl riding a tricycle.”

That just may have been Angelina, a child who legend claims died long ago when her tricycle tumbled down a flight of stairs or off the hotel balcony. As a practicing spiritualist, “I’ve been around (ghostly activity) a lot,” Osborne said, “but I was flabbergasted” by that incident.

The upcoming fright-fest is part of a newly-formed local business group’s ongoing efforts to revive the 116-year-old amusement park.

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Other area haunts.

Northwestern Pennsylvania has more than its share of supposedly spirited places. Some of the most-noted local haunts include:

n The Riverside Inn, Cambridge Springs –– Reports of ghosts entering guests’ rooms; music heard coming from the ballroom with ghostly apparitions dancing; doors mysteriously opening and closing.

n The Hotel Evergreen, Edinboro –– Destroyed earlier this year by a major fire, the former hotel was said to be haunted by the playful ghost of an 18th- or 19th-Century employee and others of unknown origins.

n Academy Theatre, Meadville –– Reported sightings of ghosts said to roam the theater.

n Allegheny College Brooks Hall, Meadville –– Third floor of the dormitory is said to be haunted by the ghost of a love-lorn female student.

n John Brown Tannery, Guys Mills –– Said to be haunted by soldiers buried in shallow graves around the tannery.

n Radio Tower Hill, Meadville –– Urban legends about a colony of “pig people” inhabiting the hill.

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