Snow is still in the forecast today, but it appears that Ol’ Man Winter has spared the region another heavy storm.

The expected 3 to 6 inches forecast by the National Weather Service didn’t fall Tuesday, and predictions vary for today.

One forecaster said as much as a foot could be on the ground by tonight while a another expects nothing more than flurries.

“Don’t expect anything (today), at the worst flurries,” said WICU-12 TV meteorologist Rob Wilson. He said that there might even be sunshine by mid-day.

However, National Weather Service Meteorologist Mark Adams said some parts of Crawford County could have as much as a foot by tonight.

The storm didn’t turn out to be as bad as first predicted because the wind never shifted around in a direct westerly line as expected, said Adams.

“That’s the nature of the beast with lake effect,” he said, mentioning there are many different factors that play a role, but wind direction is crucial.

Adams said that extra moisture moving through the area helped aid the snow that occurred in Erie County late Tuesday night.

Regardless of what comes today, the area can expect to brace for more snow Thursday, according to

Wilson said that the area may get heavier, wetter snow in the neighborhood of a few inches starting late-Thursday and into Friday morning.

The storm will result from the collision of extremely cold air from the north and the subtropical jet stream moving moist air up from the Gulf of Mexico. An expanding area of snow and ice will develop across the south-central states during the day on Wednesday, resulting in extremely hazardous driving conditions.

By Thursday the storm will push the snow and ice into the Ohio and Tennessee valleys, leading to the potential for travel problems on the ground and in the air from the Great Lakes to the Carolinas. By Friday, the system will spread into New England before moving out into the Atlantic.

After the front moves through temperatures may even warm up to 32 degrees on Saturday, said Wilson.

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