Meadville Tribune

October 29, 2012

State Emergency Management Agency offers storm prep tips

By Keith Gushard

HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency reminds persons to prepare for two scenarios in the event of severe weather: to remain in their homes during the duration of a storm; or to evacuate if recommended or ordered by local authorities.

Residents should always have enough provisions in their homes to last at least 72 hours because help from emergency responders may not be immediately available when severe weather strikes.

Other disaster preparedness supplies to have at the ready include:

n Flashlights and extra batteries;

n Portable, battery-operated radio and extra batteries;

n First aid kit and manual;

n Emergency food and water;

n Non-electric can opener;

n Essential medicines/prescriptions;

n Cash, credit cards and important legal documents; and

n Sturdy shoes.

If ordered to evacuate, PEMA recommends persons do so without hesitating and take important documents with them, including:

n Checkbooks;

n Driver's license;

n Credit card information;

n Birth certificates;

n Social Security cards; and

n Other forms and documents proving ownership/identity.

For more information on how to make a disaster supply kit and how to prepare for all kinds of emergencies, visit or call (888) 9-READYPA ((888) 973-2397).