Meadville Tribune

October 30, 2013

Youth bowlers are lighting up the lanes

By Jim Hunter
Meadville Tribune

MEADVILLE — The young guns have spoken — loudly.

Seth Beerbower, Nick Archacki, Brant Granda and Bennet Monnie must have seen enough of the elder keglers getting the majority of the pub in previous columns.

The foursome went on a rampage recently. Their exploits:

Beerbower is flat-out crushing the lumber. The Meadville High School senior added another 700 series to his stellar youth career with games of 235, 265 and 249 for a 749 in the Major League at Lakeside Lanes.

A week earlier at LL, the 300 Kid rolled back-to-back 247 games for a 687. He also lit ’em up in the Major League at Plaza Lanes with a 633 total.

Beerbower must have heard about Archacki’s recent success.

Prior to Beerbower’s 749, Archacki was the major buzz in the young gun circuit as the 12-year-old bowling sensation unleashed a whopping 24-hour bowling explosion.

In a two-day span recently, Archacki topped 600 twice as the smooth right-hander tossed games of 191, 245 and 224 for a 660 in the Junior League at Plaza Lanes and followed with games of 191, 236 and 202 for a 629 in the Junior League at Lost Lanes.

Remember folks, Archacki is only 12 years old.

Monnie joined the young gun club — shooting his first career 600 series. He fired 221 and 245 games for a 613 in the Major League at Lakeside Lanes.

Congrats, Bennet!

Brant Granda — who threw a 300 game and 800 series last season — seems to be warming up. He uncorked 224 and 223 games for a 620 in the Major League at Lakeside Lanes.

Lakeside Lumber Co.

Seven-hundreds are rolling out the doors at Lakeside Lanes.

Including Beerbower’s 7, a total of 18 700s were thrown in the last two weeks at LL. Any guesses on the highest?

You betcha, Mr. Don Granda Jr. ... or Mr. 300/800.

In the Stewart’s Classic League, the left-handed Granda nearly shot another 800 in his career with games of 269, 258 and 256 for a 783.

Three rollers topped 700 twice — Rodrick Baird (725 and 710 in successive weeks in the Stewart’s Classic League), Don Eaton (725 in Stewart’s Classic League and 712 in Businessmen League) and Josh Dodson (701 and 700 in Stewart’s Classic League).

A sidenote on Baird: the “Rocket” also excelled at Plaza Lanes with 265 and 254 games for a 743 in the Plaza Men’s League.

Other 7-up keglers at Lakeside: Ryan Parker (728 in NFL League), Troy Johnson (724 in Stewart’s Classic League), Rob Benge (718 in Wednesday Nighters League), Doug Dunham (718 in NFL League), Warren Aylsworth (717 in Stewart’s Classic League), Chad Beers (710 in Stewart’s Classic League), Cory Baker (709 in National Mixed League), Bryan Beers (707 in Stewart’s Classic League), Perry Pittsenbarger (704 in National Mixed League) and Doug Tabar (703 in Stewart’s Classic League).

The Hammerin’ Hankses

The best husband-and-wife duo? Without a doubt, Harry and Natalie Hanks.

Harry Hanks flexed his superior skills in the Thursday Night Mixed League at Lost Lanes with games of 237, 266 and 238 for a 741.

Natalie Hanks rolled 635 and 623 in the Wednesday Night Ladies League and Found Lounge Mixed League, respectively.

Barnes blasts ’em

Tyler Barnes has thrown his name into 2013-14 Cochranton Crusher race.

The emerging right-hander was razor-sharp in the Pioneer League with games of 256, 266 and 223 for a 739.

Other noteworthy 700s: Dan Lilly (707 in the Cambridge Merchants League at Lost Lanes) and Jim Lynn (705 in the Twilight League at Plaza Lanes).

Grumling leads way

Shooting back-to-back 300 no-tap games, Doug Grumling led his team to the championship in the Team No-Tap Tournament at Plaza Lanes recently.

The foursome of Grumling (810), Jeff Hamilton (766), Tom Osborne (678) and Rick Kanline (646) shot a winning 3,212 handicap score.

Dan Gould (844), Alan Felmlee (808), Matt White (786) and Dan Francis (719) — four scratch bowlers — finished second with a 3,157.

The third-place team consisted of Jim Hunter (812), Jim Lynn (725), Mark Fried (662) and Phil Rice (622), which had a 3,100 series.