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October 23, 2013

Crock gives Plaza Lanes first 300 game

By Jim Hunter
Meadville Tribune

MEADVILLE — Mike Crock — who has a few 300 games in his career — became the first kegler this season to go the distance at Plaza Lanes recently.

Bowling in the Commercial League, the hard-cranking, right-handed Crock opened with his gem and followed with 185 and 208 games for a 693 series.

Congrats, Mike!

Cochranton crusher

When Ryan Williams gets it rolling, the right-hander is tough to beat.

Case-in-point: In the Pioneer League at Cochranton Lanes, Williams shot games of 269, 269 and 244 for a whopping 782 series.

In other Pioneer League action, Tyler Barnes tossed 279 and 244 games for a 723.

Stallard sizzling

My long-time buddy Brian Stallard was in the groove in the Twilight League at Plaza Lanes.

The right-hander rolled games of 244, 278 and 237 for a 759.

A few other keglers also topped 700 at Plaza: Rodrick Baird (715 in Plaza Men’s League), Rob Benge (714 in Commercial League), Brandon Wachob (710 in Commercial League), Jim Hunter (706 in Twilight League) and Josh Dodson (700 in Commercial League).

Granda edges Eaton

The top Lakeside bowler? Who else? Don Granda Jr.


Granda Jr. banged out games of 236, 257 and 258 for a 751 in the NFL League — narrowly beating Don Eaton, who fired games of 255, 244 and 248 for a 747 in the Wednesday Nighters League.

Steven King and Ryan Park also excelled at Lakeside with 739 and 734 totals, respectively, in the NFL League and Stewart’s Classic League.

Other 700s at LL: Doug Dunham (714 in Wednesday Nighters League), Chad Beers (711 in Stewart’s Classic League) and Rich Ashe (700 in NFL League).

Hanks & Co.

Natalie Hanks, Stacey Dodson, Kristy Wolf, Kim Eastman and Nancy Hanks — five women I would take on my team in a heartbeat.

They were special recently ... all 600 rollers.

Natalie Hanks: 215, 246 and 223 games for a 684 in the Found Lounge Mixed League at Lost Lanes.

Dodson: 237 and 246 games for a 666 in the Found Lounge Scratch League at Lost Lanes.

Wolf: 277 game and 646 in the Tuesday Nite Swingers League at Plaza Lanes.

Eastman: 235 game and 633 in the Tuesday Nite Ladies League at Lakeside Lanes.

Nancy Hanks: 234 game and 628 in the Found Lounge Scratch League.

Thanksgiving tournament

Lost Lanes will host its annual Thanksgiving Scratch Classic on Nov. 23 and 24.

The six-game qualifying rounds will be held Nov. 23 at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. and the top qualifiers will return on Nov. 24 for match-play competition.

To enter the the tourney,  call Lost Lanes at 398-2265.

Featured keglers

Some brotherly love this week ...

Cochranton Lanes — The Barnes’ brothers (Tyler and Andrew) were in a hotly contested battle in the Pioneer League. As mentioned, Tyler Barnes threw a 723. Andrew Barnes was right on his heels with 244 and 220 games for a 682.

Lakeside Lanes — The Parks’ brothers (Shawn and Ryan). They bowl in the NFL League and their scores were almost as identical as their looks — Shawn (688) and Ryan (664).

Lost Lanes — The Keener brothers. Jeff Keener fired a 627 and Jim Keener rolled a 601 in the Cambridge Merchants League.

Plaza Lanes — My brother in battle, Jim Lynn. My long-time bowling and softball teammate is one of the best all-time clutch performers in both sports.