Meadville Tribune

July 31, 2013

Meadville lacrosse approved to join MASH athletics

By Frank Foreman
Meadville Tribune

— The Meadville lacrosse team took a step forward in the growth of its club Monday as it was announced that the Crawford Central School Board approved the formation of the team at Meadville Area Senior High School.

The move, which the school board approved unanimously, now puts the lacrosse team in full compliance with all the rules and regulations of the PIAA at no cost to the district. Players and families involved will continue to account for all equipment, uniforms and transportation, as well as personnel and coaches.

Meadville lacrosse board president Bob Stein said the move will likely create more interest in the sport from students, as it will now receive more exposure than before.

Stein added that for the current players, it’s a positive transformation all the way around.

“I think we will be able to play teams a lot closer to us, and now it gives the kids something to play for,” Stein said. “Now they could possibly play for a league title and create rivalries. It should get the kids more pumped to play.”

The addition of lacrosse at MASH also creates another option for students in the way of sports.

“We are hoping that this helps advertise us a little bit more, and makes other students aware of the program,” Stein said.

Participation with the team currently costs approximately $230 per student, which includes a $100 fee for uniforms.

Stein said that graduating students will be able to sell their old equipment and uniforms at a reduced rate as another way to offset costs.

One issue that was concerning in the transition from club to school program was the eligibility of players who do not attend school at Meadville.

Stein said that those players will still be able to play on the team due to a PIAA rule that allows student-athletes to play for other schools in the same county when their home school does not offer a particular sport.

“It’s a win-win situation for everybody,” Stein said.