Meadville Tribune

October 2, 2013

Bowling: Johnson picks up where he left off

By Jim Hunter
Meadville Tribune

MEADVILLE — Troy Johnson is for real.

A couple years ago, Johnson’s bowling scores started appearing in my column ... more ... and more ... and more.

Last season, Johnson was a strong candidate for Cat’s Fab Five team, but was edged out.

Johnson must have felt snubbed.

The right-hander is making an early season strong statement by rolling a last-game 300 and  an 803 series in the Stewart’s Classic League at Lakeside Lanes.

His opening games were 235 and 268.

A week later, Johnson shined again in the Stewart’s Classic League with games of 259, 225 and 266 for a 750 total.

A righty Granda at Lakeside? It looks like Johnson might be on his way.

Establishment elites

Beginning this week, I will hightlight an individual from Cochranton Lanes, Lakeside Lanes, Lost Lanes and Plaza Lanes.

It will not necessarily be the highest series at that respective house — just worthy attention.

This week’s honorees...

Cochranton crusher — Zach Snyder. He tossed three 600s in two weeks. His best effort occurred in the Thursday Mixed League with 237 and 221 games for a 670 series. He also had a 616 in the Pioneer League and 614 in the TML.

Lakeside lumberjack — Doug Dunham. I wonder if Dunham played 7-0-2 in the daily lottery? In back-to-back weeks in the NFL League, the right-hander shot that number. He also had a 719 in the Wednesday Nighters League.

‘Lost’ ace — Greg Pentycofe. He was smokin’ hot in the Spa League with games of 278, 233 and 245 for a 756.

Plaza punisher — Trystan Rough. Remember this name! Jumping from a successful youth career at Plaza Lanes, Rough has already grabbed the attention of adult bowlers in the Commercial League. He threw 258 and 269 games for a 728.

Saulsbery, Benge sizzling

Dunham wasn’t the only multiple-700 roller.

Tim Saulsbery topped 700 twice at Lakeside Lanes with a 725 in the NFL League and a 290 game and 713 in the Wednesday Nighters League.

Rob Benge — who is fast emerging as a top-caliber shooter — showcased his skills at both Plaza Lanes and Lost Lanes.

The explosive right-hander rolled games of 258, 233 and 233 for a 714 in the Commercial League at PL and had a 280 game and 705 in the Spa League at LL.

Don Eaton excels

A rockin’ pin prevented Don Eaton from shooting a 300 game.

Despite throwing a near-perfect ball in a latter frame, Eaton got rudely robbed and shot a 279 game en route to a 750 series in the Businessmen League at Lakeside Lanes.

His other games were 246 and 225.

A few nights before his 300 game in the Businessmen League at Lakeside Lanes, Steven King also was lined up in the NFL League at LL. He fired games of 236, 277 and 232 for a 745.

Other 700 rollers: Jason Easler (728 in Wednesday Nighters League at Lakeside Lanes), Don Granda Jr. (718 in NFL League), Joe French (715 in Spa League at Lost Lanes), Terry Yorty (715 in Twilight League at Plaza Lanes), DeWayne Reichel (710 in Spa League), Dan Francis (703 in Spa League) and Jim Lynn (700 in Twilight League).

Hanks remains hot

Natalie Hanks is so gooooooood.

Continuing her assault on 600 series this season, Hanks put together games of 212, 203 and 258 for a 673 in the Sunday Found Lounge Mixed League at Lost Lanes.

Hanks was joined in the 600 club this week by Deanna Orr, who tossed a 604 in the National Mixed League at Lakeside Lanes.

A Pro seminar

Professional Bowlers Association star Rhino Page is coming to town.

On Sunday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Plaza Lanes, Page will conduct a bowling seminar.

He will go over many topics:

Understand lane surfaces and their characteristics.

Bowling balls/arsenals.

Sport patterns.

Game planning.

 How the best players think in competition.

The mental game — an overview of quiet mind bowling.

Cost is $120 per person.

Storm demo day

Dodsons Pro Shop at Plaza Lanes will host a Storm Demo Day on Oct. 26. There will be two shifts: 12:30 p.m. and 1:45 p.m.

Interested individuals will be allowed to test the Storm equipment. Cost is $20.

If interested, please contact Dodson’s Pro Shop at