Meadville Tribune

January 8, 2014

Bowling: Don Granda Jr.’s local legacy continues

By Jim Hunter
Special to The Meadville Tribune

— Although this columnist is running out of words in describing Don Granda Jr.’s prodigious bowling talent, his Facebook friends aren’t.

Granda’s page last Sunday ...

“You are a stud.” ... “You are unbelievable.” ... “You are the best.” ... etc.

Granda’s friends were referring to another one-week explosion by the electrifying left-hander — shooting two 300 games and an 800 series.

After throwing a 300 game in the Stewart’s Classic League, Granda Jr. followed six days later with another perfect game and an 803 series in the NFL League at Lakeside Lanes.

Granda Jr. now has 83 career 300 games and 70 career 800s.

Both gems were in the first game. He followed with 220 and 268 games for a 788 in the Stewart’s Classic League and 269 and 234 games in the NFL League.

Granda’s goal of 100 career 300 games is getting closer and closer.

The best local bowler ever. Period.

Overholt joins ‘7’ club

The 700 Club has a new member: Ray Overholt.

Throwing a pair of 279 games, Overholt fired his first career 700 in the Found Lounge Mixed League at Lost Lanes with a 751.

Congrats, Ray.

Ryan Park rolls 760

Granda Jr. isn’t the only southpaw who throws a powerful ball.

Ryan Park — one of the most talented bowlers in the area — was smokin’ hot in the Commercial League at Plaza Lanes as the left-hander threw games of 256, 245 and 259 for a 760 series.

Park also drew attention in the NFL League at Lakeside as he picked up the 7-10 split for the fifth time in his career.

There were two other Commercial League crushers: Rob Benge fired a 299 in his third match and finished with a 719 and Shawn Smith checked out with a 713.

Other noteworthy 700 rollers: Warren Aylsworth (740 in the Stewart’s Classic League) and Dan Francis (731 in the Spa League at Lost Lanes).

Pioneer punishers

This columnist can put together a pretty good five-man team in the Pioneer League at Cochranton Lanes.

Three 700s were shot last week.

Brandon Wachob — who tossed a 300 game last month at Plaza Lanes — was the league’s top shooter with games of 238, 236 and 267 for a 741.

Jeff Harbaugh and Tyler Barnes threw 712 and 708 totals, respectively.

Other skilled Pioneer League shooters: Ryan Williams, Corey Richter, Brian Huth and Bill Kinter.

Hanks’ weekly report

The latest on Natalie Hanks? Another high 6.

In the Found Lounge Mixed League at Lost Lanes, Hanks put together games of 224, 210 and 256 for a 690.

Kristy Wolf also topped 600 with a 605 in the NFL League at Lakeside Lanes.

Brant Granda excels

Brant Granda — the nephew of Don Granda Jr. — grabbed top young gun honors with a 616 in the Major League at Lakeside Lanes.

His games were 211, 233 and 172.

Classic tournaments

The Classic tournaments are coming up at Lost Lanes.

The Women’s Classic is Jan. 18 and 19. The six-game qualifying round is Jan. 18 at 11 a.m. and match-play competition is Jan. 19 at 11 a.m.

The Men’s Classic is Feb. 1 and 2. The six-game qualifying rounds are Feb. 1 at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. and match-play action is Feb. 2 at 10:30 a.m.

Columnist errored

In last week’s column, this columnist incorrectly had Jeff Hamilton included on the winning No-Tap Tournament team with Rick Kanline, Doug Grumling and Tom Osborne.  The fourth member was Barry Williams, a long-time friend of mine and one of the coolest dudes you will ever meet. Hamilton subbed for Williams in October.