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February 3, 2009

READERS' SLIDESHOW: Pictures of January 09

Click image for slideshow

Tips for watching the slideshows:

We realize how little time we all have, so we try not to make the slideshows any longer than necessary. Some readers have written in that the pictures don't stay up long enough to read the captions. At the bottom of the slideshow is a pause button. Located at the bottom left under the pictures. It is a double verticle bar. If you click on this it will stop the slideshow so you can look at the picture at your leisure and read the full caption.

We don't want to slow down the shows too much, though we appreciate you wanting more time to look and read about the pictures.

Another tip is you can click on the four squares located at the bottom of the slideshow toward the right. This will bring up a menu of thumb-nail images that you can scroll through to find certain shots you want to see in the slideshow without having to play it all the way through each time from scratch.

We hope these tips help you enjoy the slideshows of our community even more.

If you have further comments please send them to us at

Your feedback can only make us better at what we do.The Meadville Tribune started accepting reader photos for a special web-site feature called ‘Reader’s Pictures of the Month’ back in September 2008. We put these submitted photos in a slideshow to showcase the talented photographers of the area as well as the casual snap shot photographer who took an image or two they wanted to share. These slideshows are getting our Web-site readers from all over the country taking a look to see what is happening, many are people who simply live elsewhere and want to see some of their old stomping grounds and possibly friends still enjoying life in Crawford County.

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Reader Photos