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December 10, 2008

SLIDESHOW: Reader's Pictures of November 2008

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As the fog lifts off Justus Lake, where the waters edge touches Two-Mile Run County Park, three fishermen quietly cast their rods into the water. The surrounding trees glow in the pale greens, yellows and oranges of October’s early fall. Meadville Tribune reader Tom Leech lifts his camera to his eye and presses the shutter. Click!

Another reader, Mary Thall of Jamestown, saw a sled leaning against the side of a building. Nothing out of the ordinary, many of us can say we have the same sort of scene in our own backyard. However, Mary’s sled, after an early winter’s snow had become a favorite perch for a flock of sparrows. Click.

These are only a couple of the great moments of life our readers have captured in recent months and have shared with all of us in our new web feature: Reader’s Pictures of the Month at

One of our web readers, Chris Bloom of Phoenix AZ posted a comment declaring this “This is my favorite part of the online paper.”

The first three months of our reader slideshows seem to be a hit, with many people submitting and sharing important moments of their lives – moments that help define who we are as a people and a community.

And we’re continuing to accept entries. Currently we’re looking for pictures taken in December. Our criteria is simple, pictures taken in and around Crawford County or of Crawford Countians on vacation or even living elsewhere. Photographs of our troops would be wonderful to share with our readers, especially over the holidays.

To submit, please send jpeg images to

Be sure to include information such as who the photographer is, when the picture was taken, who is in the picture and any information about the scene that will put it into context. Example: John Smith age 7, of Conneaut Lake holds up a fish he caught on November 3rd while fishing behind his home. Photo taken by Joan Smith, proud mother of John. John loves fishing with his grandpa Joe every Saturday.

If you love photography or just love a picture you have snapped, we’d love to see it and share it with our readers. Click!

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