Meadville Tribune

April 26, 2014

LOOKING BACK: Sharon Stone photos

A photo shoot of Miss Crawford County Sharon Stone by Tribune photographer John Boor not seen in nearly 40 years

Meadville Tribune

MEADVILLE — Yep, you guessed it! The photograph that appeared on last Saturday’s front page was in fact Sharon Stone when she was Miss Crawford County in 1975.

The photograph was part of a spread of pictures taken by then Meadville Tribune photographer John Boor. “Sharon was a beauty and she was fun to shoot because she had poise and a sense of style that allowed her to befriend the camera,” Boor said this week via an email. He also shared something he would change about his experience with Stone. “My most vivid memory of that shoot was that Sharon was so pleased with the photos that she had called me and asked me to shoot a portfolio for her. I declined. My job as a news photographer kept me pretty busy and I hadn’t wanted to ‘waste my spare time’ on a ‘Hollywood wannabe.’ Obviously, I’ve regretted that decision more than a few times.”  

Stone has gone on to star in many major motion pictures including Casino, for which she received an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe. She has also appeared in Basic Instinct and The Muse, among others.

A number of readers posted comments on the Tribune’s Facebook page about the pictures.

In what appears to be a statement about the clothing of the day, Molly Woods-Cuesta posted: “She looks like a middle aged woman in that picture!” That post inspired the following response from Elizabeth Barretta-Davis: “Most ready-made clothing during that time was geared toward middle aged women — not like today where clothing is marketed to the under 30 crowd. When I was 16 there was nothing ‘young’ to wear now at 61 I can’t find clothing either. Who in their right mind (at my age) wears a dress with the hem high in the front and dragging the ground in the back?”

Vicki Klasen Shea posted “my husband had her for a student.”

Edward Longo may have been joking with his post: “Heck, I don't know. It could be anyone! I was thinking Mrs. Nixon.”

Terri L. Bauer posted a memory about Stone that showed Stone’s determination at an early age. “Sharon Stone used to go into my mother’s store on Chestnut Street and try on mink coats. She told my mom she was going to be a movie star some day ... and you know the rest of the story.”