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May 11, 2014

Yard signs are out — the primary election is near

It’s easy now to see an election will soon be here as yard signs supporting various candidates are visible across the county and television ads are turning negative.

With the primary election set for May 20, candidates have a short time to get their views known. Of course, some candidates have no competition in the primary, so they are not putting up signs yet.

One sign we noticed was for a husband and wife team, seeking election to the State Democrat Committee. The sign is for James and Marie Schlosser, committee people in Sadsbury Township. They are running against incumbent Chris Seeley.

Only one will be elected, meaning although the Schlossers are campaigning together, only one could be elected.

Talking about negative TV ads, U.S. Sen. Bob Casey and former Gov. Ed Rendell, both Democrats, were critical of an advertisement from the Rob McCord campaign for governor, saying it was  “offensive” and slanderous. The ad was against Tom Wolf, who polls show is leading the pack of Democratic candidates for the party’s nomination. The criticism was newsworthy because most of the time fellow party members not involved in a campaign don’t get critical of the campaigns being run by candidates in the primary.

One reason is by the fall the nominee must have the support of everyone in the party, and it’s more difficult to get that when there is a really negative campaign. That’s because those same negative campaign ads can then be used by the opposing parties in the fall.

Incumbent Republican Gov. Tom Corbett is unopposed on his party’s ticket as the name of one potential candidate, Anthony Guzzardi, was taken off by the state Supreme Court for not following all the regulations. However, according to one report, Guzzardi’s name will still be on the ballot in one county because the election bureau director there said it was too late to remove it.

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