Meadville Tribune

August 14, 2013

LETTER: Soccer group needs your help in wake of vandalism

By Nancy Frambes
Submitted to The Meadville Tribune

WEST MEAD TOWNSHIP — Many of us in the community are shocked and disheartened by the vandalism at the Crawford County Youth Soccer Association fields this past weekend.

It is incredibly disturbing that someone would cause so much destruction for an organization that exists solely for the benefit of youth in the area. CCYSA provides recreational soccer opportunities for hundreds of youth each year and I would venture to guess there are thousands of people in our area who have fond memories of their time with this wonderful organization.

Having been intimately involved with the workings of CCYSA over the years through my past involvement on the board of directors, I understand the level of work these volunteers put into each season. Bringing a soccer season from beginning to end is a time-consuming process, one to which board members show strong commitment and devotion. Now when they should be able to relax for a little while, these vandals are requiring them to jump right back in to fix the destruction.

While insurance will hopefully cover the loss of tractors, equipment and structures, the process will no doubt require a considerable amount of additional time and work from the board members.

I am writing this letter to speak directly to all the many people in the area who have benefited from CCYSA over the years. Please consider how you can help support this organization when it needs it most. Certainly monetary donations will be beneficial to help with additional needs and costs (sent to CCYSA, P.O. Box 641, Meadville, Pa. 16335). But also, as CCYSA begins to build, watch for notices on its Facebook page and website ( of any potential community work days.

In addition, CCYSA members could use your prayers and good thoughts; if you see any of these hard-working individuals around town, make sure to say thanks for their commitment to this great program. And most importantly, if you have any information about this crime, please contact the Pennsylvania State Police.