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December 3, 2012

Allegheny students present 'A Call to Arts'

By Keith Gushard
Meadville Tribune

MEADVILLE — Jessica Jeroski and Sandra Wilson hope to fill what they see as a void at Allegheny College this spring.

“There’s a need for public art on campus,” said Jeroski, a student from Trafford who is both a studio arts and a physics major at Allegheny.

The two young women, both Allegheny seniors, are aiming to put a large mural — 75 feet in length by 10 feet in height — along the top edge of two exterior walls of the school’s Pelletier Library along North Main Street.

The mural, “A Call to Arts,” celebrates various forms of artistic expression — everything from writing and painting to photography and dance.

“We’re hoping it will be an inspiration for students culturally and for self-expression,” said Wilson, a studio arts major from Rockville, Md., who also has minors in both Spanish and Latin American/Caribbean studies.

A smaller rendition of the proposed mural is on display along with Allegheny seniors and advanced studio art projects Tuesday through Dec. 12 at the college’s Doane Hall of Art, 520 N. Main St.

The mural isn’t the first collaborative art effort by Wilson and Jeroski. In 2011, they did a 4-by-6-foot wood block project that’s been displayed in the campus galleries.

The mural idea came to them after Jeroski visited Wilson a couple of years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when Wilson was spending a semester studying in South America.

“There’s a big street art culture scene in Buenos Aires and we were both inspired by that,” said Jeroski. “We decided we wanted to try to do something on campus. We came up with several ideas and got input from the student body.”

Wilson and Jeroski developed five potential mural designs and posted them on the Internet, allowing Allegheny students to vote as well as offer suggestions toward changes in the designs.

The project now is headed toward its final design stage, but must get final OKs from the college before it would go forward next spring.

“We’ve had a lot of meetings on it,” said Wilson with a smile.

“The folks at the library like it. The (Allegheny) Art Department is behind it as are representatives of the physical plant,” said Jeroski.

If given final approval, the women would be looking for funding through various sources including Allegheny’s Community Arts Project.

It has supported a variety of community art work projects in Meadville, among them: murals at Shadybrook Park; a sign art mural on the muncipal parking garage; and murals along Park Avenue near Chestnut Street and @thebank shops.

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Allegheny College senior projects  and advanced studio projects will be on display at the college’s Doane Hall of Art, 520 N. Main St., Meadville, Tuesday through Dec. 12. An opening reception is scheduled Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m.