Meadville Tribune

November 6, 2012

Incorrect signs lead to voter id confusion in Crawford County

By Pat Bywater
Meadville Tribune

MEADVILLE — Signs that incorrectly state that identification is required have apparently been posted at all of Crawford County’s polling sites.

Identification is not required to vote.

The county’s attorney, Ted Watts, said that the signs were inadvertently included in packages for poll workers. It appears the signs were made in anticipation of an id requirement in Pennsylvania this election. That requirement for this election was subsequently put aside for this election. Again, you do not have to show id to vote.

Around 9:30 a.m. Watts said that county officials were contacting all polling places to have the signs removed.

Meadville attorney Terry Toomey, who serves as the county attorney for the Democratic Voter Protection Program, saw one of the signs at his polling place at Holland Towers in Meadville this morning and reported it to the county this morning.

He is concerned that some voters may not cast a ballot when they see the sign, but as of this morning he had no confirmed instances of this happening. He also expressed concern over a report that the county might not have phone numbers for all judges of elections, who run the polling sites, and therefore it may take some time for the signs to be removed.