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November 6, 2012

Voting machine changes vote for one party to another

MEADVILLE — There was one confirmed report of a voting machine balloting malfunction at the West Mead I precinct at the West Mead Township Building during Tuesday’s election.

A voter trying to vote a straight party ticket — voting for all the candidates of one political party — could not get the machine to accept the vote.

“It took three tries to get it,” said Francis Weiderspahn, a member of the Crawford County Election Board. “The voter was able to get it to function with the assistance of a (poll) worker.”

Weiderspahn said he didn’t know which straight party vote was malfunctioning on the machine.

Weiderspahn said he went to the West Mead I precinct shortly after noon after the Election Board was contacted and re-calibrated all six electronic voting machines as a precaution. He said the recalibration took about 10 minutes.

He said there was only the one reported malfunction with one of the six machines. 

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