Meadville Tribune

January 31, 2008

Michael Jordan files suit against local woman

By Jane Smith

02/01/08 — Will celebrated six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan appear in a Meadville courtroom next week?

That’s not known at this point, but the former Chicago Bulls basketball star is seeking a preliminary or special injunction against Lisa A. Miceli of Crawford County, who Jordan claims is harassing him in violation of a 2005 agreement.

Although it’s uncertain whether Jordan will personally appear in Crawford County Court of Common Pleas, a hearing on the matter is set for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday before President Judge Gordon Miller.

Jordan’s suit was filed late Wednesday in the Crawford County Prothonotary’s Office.

The agreement the pair allegedly signed stems from a 2004 lawsuit Miceli filed against Jordan, claiming he was the father of her son, Dante, born June 12, 2004, and asking for child support. She claimed she had an ongoing relationship with the basketball star.

Jordan said he wasn’t the father. He said if tests proved he wasn’t the father, it was agreed that Miceli would dismiss her lawsuit and have no contact with him.

Jordan, Miceli and her child underwent two different genetic tests from two different laboratories. Tests confirmed that “Jordan is not the biological father of Miceli’s child,” according to the suit.

That agreement was executed Aug. 26, 2005, in Illinois where Jordan resides. However, since Miceli allegedly violated the agreement from Crawford County that’s where the lawsuit must be filed.

Jordan claims that Miceli has repeatedly breached the agreement and has sent nearly 400 e-mails and notes to Jordan and his representatives.

He claims Miceli also has placed hundreds of telephone calls to his office and to his representatives and on more than 200 occasions has left voice mails at his office or with his representatives.

Jordan claims despite repeated requests to Miceli and a number of lawyers who have represented her, she has continued to send e-mails and notes and place telephone calls.

“The content of Miceli’s e-mails, notes and telephone calls clearly demonstrates that she is a seriously disturbed individual,” according to the suit. It further alleges that the contents have become “increasingly violent and threatening” to Jordan and his representatives.

In addition, Jordan claims Miceli has begun making calls to the husband of Jordan’s business manager at his office and threatening to contact his colleagues and left him 11 voice mails during a four-day period in January.

Jordan said if relief isn’t granted, the harassment will continue and he, his family and his representatives and members of their families are “at risk of further emotional and physical harm.”

Jordan is seeking a court ruling prohibiting Miceli from continuing to “breach her obligations” under that agreement.

He said if Miceli isn’t ordered to stop immediately, he will “suffer immediate and irreparable harm.”

Jordan, who is still involved with the NBA, is a part-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats and took over as managing member of basketball operations. He has the largest individual holding in the team after majority owner Robert L. Johnson.