Meadville Tribune

February 22, 2013

FULL TEXT: Allegheny College president's statement on sex education program at chapel

The Meadville Tribune

MEADVILLE — Full text of the statement from Allegheny College President Jim Mullen issued Friday:

“Our campus is and will be a place where a wide range of ideas and topics can be openly discussed, and that includes conversations about sexuality that might be uncomfortable for some. The notion of the Allegheny campus as a safe place for such free and open discussion is one of our most cherished values.

“But we hold respectfulness to be a cherished value as well. This means we are instinctively thoughtful about how our words and actions impact others. As a community, we are thoughtful about what we say. About how we say it. And also, where we say it.

“The decision to hold this event in our Chapel felt disrespectful to members of the Allegheny community who regard it to be inappropriate for a house of worship. Whether or not everyone agrees with that feeling — it is a matter of respect to take those feelings into account and to accommodate them if possible. That could have been accomplished — without restricting open discussion — by selecting another site. I wish that another venue had been chosen.”