Meadville Tribune

July 22, 2013

Stepped-up traffic enforcement on Interstate 80

Meadville Tribune

MEADVILLE — The Interstate 80 Challenge is a multi-state, multi-agency highly visible traffic enforcement operation to create an increased traffic enforcement presence on Interstate 80.

Conceived by the Iowa Department of Public Safety after analyzing crash data over multiple years, it was determined that the heavy summer vacation travel period on Interstate 80 yielded higher fatal and serious crashes than other times of the year. An I-80 Challenge has been issued to each State Police or Highway Patrol agency to create “More Cops, More Stops” in hopes of achieving a goal of zero fatalities during the period of July 24 through 31.

This initiative is a collaboration of NHTSA, the IACP Highway Safety Committee, the IACP State and Provincial Division, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, California Highway Patrol, Nevada Highway Patrol, Utah Highway Patrol, Wyoming Highway Patrol, Nebraska State Patrol, Iowa State Patrol, Illinois State Patrol, Indiana State Police, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Pennsylvania State Police, New Jersey State Police and local law enforcement agencies who service the I-80 corridor.

Causal factors of crashes including speeding, driving under the influence, non-use of seat belts and distracted driving would be the primary violations targeted in this effort; however, the entire spectrum of traffic violations would be strictly enforced in order to create the desired environment of highly visible traffic enforcement.

Multi-state enforcement efforts are not new and data analysis indicating focus periods for enforcement is not new. Combining these two practices is unique and it is the concept of the I-80 Challenge, organizers say.