Meadville Tribune

February 7, 2013

We need you to weigh in on Cochranton icicle mystery

How can they defy gravity?


COCHRANTON — A meteorological, or perhaps even astrological, mystery has descended upon a humble pet grooming business in Cochranton and has its owner asking Tribune readers this burning question: “How could this happen?”

Wednesday was proceeding for Michele Komar as a day like any other in the life of a pet groomer — a clip here, a trim there, and many appreciative woofs and warm, slobbery tongues to the face and hands — when one customer entered who changed everything. He reported, and took a picture of, icicles defying gravity outside Mikki’s Pet Grooming  on the main electrical meter. Everything else seemed OK.

“Never saw anything like this. Weird!” exclaimed Komar in an email to the Tribune. “I was wondering if any of your readers would know what would cause this?”

So, dear readers, have at it, with one exception. Let’s give Michele the benefit of the doubt and rule out some picture altering PhotoShop trick. Has ice on Franklin Street — or anywhere for that matter — ever moved like this? And why? Facebook users can comment below; web site users will find our “add a comment” form at the right.