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April 25, 2014

Housing services provided in county

Meadville Tribune

MEADVILLE — Housing programs provided by the Crawford County Mental Health Awareness Program (CHAPS) offered case management support for 383 people under Housing Counseling and Advocacy in the past 12 months, according to Lynn McUmber, executive director.

Other programs offered rental subsidy and support for individuals experiencing mental health issues specifically and provided services beyond what they were funded for, McUmber said.

CHAPS reported between 80 and 90 percent of the homeless who graduated these programs moved into permanent housing.

These programs included:

-Shelter Plus Care, which served 41 homeless individuals.

-Housing Now served 18 chronically homeless people.

-Family Housing served seven homeless families with a parent experiencing mental illness.

-Fairweather Lodge served 13 homeless individuals with a vocational focus.

Additional homeless programs are offered by the Crawford County Coalition on Housing Needs, which offers:

-Family Shelter Program — five units, serving over 100 people per year.

-Transitional Housing — six units, serving over 30 people per year.

-Furniture Closet — serving over 190 families per year.

CHAPS reports the following Crawford County fair market rents for 2014:

-Efficiency unit — $467 (per month)

-One bedroom — $520

-Two bedroom — $643

-Three bedroom — $851

-Four bedroom — $932

Other existing housing programs include:

-Greenhouse, Women’s Services — shelter and domestic violence counseling for women and children

-St. James Haven — overnight shelter for single men

-St. James, Titusville — shelter for women and children

-Center for Family Services — rental assistance and mortgage counseling

-Salvation Army and Red Cross — emergency assistance

Source: Crawford County Mental Health Awareness Program.